About Us

At The NFT Gallery, collectors and creators alike come together to explore the world of digital art. We combine cutting-edge technology with sensational artists to pioneer this exciting new art form. Our physical gallery in New York, provides a space for both existing and emerging collectors to purchase digital art with the support of blockchain technology, accepting payment in both Crypto and Fiat currency.

In partnership with internationally renowned creators of NFTs and digital art, we offer collectors exclusive access to a range of artworks and collections. Purchasing digital art is made easy, with proof of purchase through NFTs, and the option to purchase a digital canvas to display the art in their own space. As a female-led space, we champion female participation in the NFT and digital art market.

Our mission at The NFT Gallery is to make digital art more tangible, providing an immersive experience where collectors can enjoy a curated selection of artworks in both physical and online spaces. We believe that NFTs and digital art should be accessible to everyone, and our gallery is a space to collect, engage, and learn.

Our Values

  • Accessibility

    The NFT Gallery values accessibility, which means that the Gallery is open to everyone, regardless of their location or background. The Gallery provides an opportunity for artists to showcase their work to a global audience, and for collectors and enthusiasts to discover and appreciate digital art from around the world. The Gallery also aims to make NFT art more accessible by providing educational resources and tools to help people understand and participate in this emerging field.

  • Authenticity

    The NFT Gallery values authenticity, which means that each NFT displayed in the gallery is a unique, one-of-a-kind digital asset. The Gallery takes pride in showcasing original artwork and creations that cannot be duplicated or replicated.

  • Creativity

    The NFT Gallery values creativity, which means that the Gallery is a space where artists can express their ideas and imagination in digital form. The Gallery encourages innovation and experimentation with new digital media, techniques, and technologies, which can inspire and stimulate creativity.

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Overall, The NFT Gallery represents an exciting new frontier in the art world, offering artists and collectors alike a new way to engage with and appreciate digital art. As the market for NFTs continues to grow and evolve, The NFT Gallery is sure to remain at the forefront of this exciting new movement.

The Founders

  • Lynn Rosenberger

    CCO and Co-Founder

  • Andrin Pfister

    CTO and Co-Founder

  • Lilien Hornung-Mary

    COO and Co-Founder